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Sydney Grigg: The new band member

Por: Cassie Means Crew, el jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Sydney Grigg is a 23-year-old Nashville grown singer/songwriter. Recently Sydney released a five song EP titled, “Perfect Kind of Bad.” She recorded the album in Ottawa, Ontario with producer Kelly Prescott.

The country genre would be the best way to define her music, but she strives to make her music unique by giving it a “swampy” feel. Her music is extremely relatable and the honesty she puts forth in her songwriting is completely uncensored. Natural, stripped down music is the type of music she prefers and it is mirrored in her own music. The lyrics behind the music for Sydney are therapeutic as well as exposing. Everything she puts into these songs is drawn from personal experience.

Growing up, Sydney lived in a house filled with great music and starting pursuing music herself from an early age. She drew influence from artists such as Mindy Smith, Emmylou Harris, Chris Isaak, Linda Ronstadt and Neko Case.

The journey of creating a career in music hasn’t always been easy. There was a point when Sydney decided to take a break from music all together. This break lasted about two years and it wasn’t until she went to see a band in Knoxville perform one night that something in her changed. She saw how passionate this band was on stage and she looked into their schedule and saw they were performing night after night in every U.S. city imaginable and she realized she wanted to pursue her own musical career no matter what it took.

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